The King is Dead, Long Live The King


Aplicom A1, our long-time telematics workhorse deployed in hundreds of thousands in large professional fleets ranging from Mercedes Benz and Shell Europe to Qantas, ADAC, and UK Police departments, is being gradually replaced with our next industry leading device, the Aplicom A11. Now announced the A11 product family continues in the high-end product range of Aplicom A1 products and fully replaces them when the A1 becomes End-of-Life (EOL).

Aplicom A11 products are extremely versatile with many interfaces and high processing capacity for demanding telematics use. They come with the 3G connectivity, industry leading GPS/GLONASS sensitivity with A-GPS support, jamming detection, and the most accurate odometer in the market to ensure that all driven kilometres are logged for end-customer’s use.

Meeting the most stringent requirements of the logistics businesses, field services, government and emergency services, commercial fleets, and private vehicle users, the A11 delivers highly accurate positioning, acceleration measurement, and interface options to satisfy every business need and meet the requirements of all use cases. The A11 will also be available with in-vehicle WLAN support.

Like other Aplicom products, the A11 products come with the industry’s highest reliability record and have a 3-year standard warranty.

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