New Aplicom A11W - A11 With Integrated WLAN


Having introduced the next generation version of their long term workhorse device A1, A11 Introduction, Aplicom has introduced new A11 telematics units with WLAN functionality - A11W units.

The WLAN functionalities open-up many new use scenarios in different applications. For example:

  • To connect wireless displays to the vehicle telematics unit. Wireless displays can be used in the vehicle or they can be used to connect the portable terminal used outside the vehicle.
  • Telematics data can be collected while driving and it can be easily unloaded to operative system in a terminal, warehouse or other – or uploaded to telematics device.
Aplicom’s flagship unit A11 includes extensive connectivity capabilities and a generous set of software features for demanding fleet and asset management requirements. Its large memory and powerful processing capability with innovative two processor architecture, 3G/2G communications, accurate positioning, versatile software options as well as CAN and tachograph connectivity, makes this unit also future proof and optimal for most telematics services. Same versatile functionalities added with WLAN connectivity are available in WLAN equipped branch of A11W products. Read more about the A11 products at the A11 Product Details.

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