Which Online Services for The Modern Maintenance Customer?


We know that the maintenance customers value service quality, clear and transparent pricing, good professional advice, and ease of dealing with the workshop. We know that the vast majority of modern customers prefer web- and mobile self-services and expect most of the tasks to be performed automatically by the businesses instead of requiring action from them. But what does this mean for the vehicle maintenance business?

As the European leader in the Smart Maintenance solutions we have conducted extensive studies in the customer preferences and in the expectations they have for the modern maintenance business. And in the thousands of customer interviews that were conducted a clear pattern of new expectations has emerged: Not only do the modern customers expect many of the traditional tasks to be available online, and in mobile apps, but they also expect the maintenance business to be proactive in their digital services. Instead of the customers having to monitor the vehicle service needs themselves, they expect the maintenance company to automatically invite them to the service when required. Instead of offering a basic online calendar for self-booking a service they also expect to be informed about the required parts, work, and costs of the upcoming maintenance at the time of booking - and the full maintenance history of the vehicle services being always available online. They also prefer the maintenance business to assist them with on-road remote diagnostics and to simplify their other day-to-day vehicle related tasks, like making expense claims and creating tax-reports. In short: The modern customers expect the maintenance company to make their life easier, not just an online version of the paper calendar.

The Helpten Smart Maintenance has been designed with the needs of the modern maintenance customer in mind. Based either on a mobile app or on a telematics device installed in the vehicle, the Helpten applications give the maintenance customers a comprehensive view of their vehicle: the vehicle use, maintenance history, upcoming maintenance needs, predicted time of the maintenance, active faults, maintenance plans, and costs, all in a single dashboard. It allows your customers to book the service by themselves, have the work to be performed suggested automatically based on the vehicle history and telematics data; the parts, costs and work estimates determined based on the maintenance business’s databases (e.g. Autodata) – and the available service times suggested from the customer’s preferred location. The Helpten Smart Maintenance also enables you to send automatic service invites to your customers based on the predicted or real (on-board telematics) maintenance needs. Furthermore, with the optional telematics device - collecting comprehensive data on the trips, driving (locations, speeds, accelerations, breakings), and the vehicle itself (e.g. error codes) - the maintenance business’ services can be taken even further and include, for example, remote-assistance and fleet management capabilities like driver log books, vehicle tracking, driving style analysis, geo-fencing, fleet reporting, and job-management.

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